Town of Haverhill, New Hampshire

Two stone lime kilns stand off the Chippewa Trail near Black Mountain in Haverhill, well-preserved survivors of an important 19th century industry. Mined limestone, rare in New Hampshire, was heated in the kilns until it turned into powdered lime, which was then packed in barrels and shipped throughout New England for use in agriculture, as mortar and in a wide variety of other products. Built in 1838 and 1842, the kilns operated successfully for approximately 50 years, aided by the close proximity of acres of woodland for fuel and the Concord, Boston & Montreal Railroad for transport. The Civilian Conservation Corps and other government work programs occupied the site in the Depression, repairing one of the kilns in 1940-41. Today the Haverhill Heritage Commission is working with the property owners to keep the kiln site cleared and open for public access.
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