Town of Haverhill, New Hampshire


Blackmount Rail Trail

From the Village of North Haverhill the trail starts across from Aldrich's General Store at Augies take-a-break parking lot and runs along a series of corn fields right next to Rt. 10. It passes Hatchland's Dairy and at the Grafton County Campus the trail crosses Rt. 10. After crossing Rt. 10 the trail follows the river to Rt. 135. The trail then crosses Rt 135 and enters the the Village of Woodsville. The trail ends across from the Ocean State Job Lot store and next to the Woodsville Machine Shop and Yankee Electrical Supply. 

The trail is maintained by the Town of Haverhill as well as local ATV and Snowmobile clubs. 

The trail is open for walking, pedal biking, horseback riding, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and snowmobiles when there is more than 8" of packed snow. 

At this time, ATVs and OHRVs are not allowed on the trail, per the State of NH. The Town of Haverhill has been working to reopen the trail to motorized wheeled vehicles, and will let the public know when/if we are able to reopen the trail.

The alternative trail is Augie's By-Pass Trail...which starts at Augie's take-a-break parking lot across from Aldrich's General Store travels up Clark Pond Road to Woodward Road to Briar Hill Road to Swiftwater Road into the Village of Woodsville (see ATV & OHRV use in Haverhill, NH document).

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