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The Haverhill Business Park is located on Business Park Drive, a paved Town road, which intersects with NH Route 116 in North Haverhill Village. Eight lots have frontage on the town road. They are described as follows:

Lot 6.2 (h)            4.23 acres            Sold to White Mountain Biodiesel

Lot 6.3 (g)            4.51 acres            Sold to White Mountain Biodiesel

Lot 6.4 (f)             5.11 acres            Available, asking price $22,000

Lot 6.5 (e)            3.66 acres            Available, asking price $18,750

Lot 6.6 (d)            4.08 acres            Sold to Erik White LLC

Lot 6.7 (c)            3.18 acres            Sold to Superior Rentals LLC

Lot 6.8 (b)            3.04 acres            Sold to Superior Spray Foam

Lot 6.9 (a)            2.77 acres            Reserved for Parks & Recreation

Municipal water and sewer available at eat lot. Water pressure is generally adequate for fir sprinklers for one story construction. Private septic is prohibited. Physical hook up to municipal sewer is at owner’s expense. A $25,000 connection fee is required. Three phase electric power (Eversource) available at each lot. Charter Internet cable and telephone and Fairpoint DSL are also available. Distance from I-91, exit 17 is 5 miles, ten minutes travel time. This business park abuts the Dean Memorial Airport.

A copy of the protective covenants for this business park are included.

For additional information and/or a site visit, contact Brigitte Codling, Haverhill Town Manager at 603-787-6800 or at

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