Town of Haverhill, New Hampshire


Town Directory

Town Departments:


OPEN, Town Administrator 603-787-6800

Mary Houde, Executive Assistant and Tax Assistant 603-787-6800

Joanna Bligh, Project Coordinator

Mark Locke, Property Records Clerk

Jessica Young, Human Resource and Welfare Assistant

Highway Department:

OPEN, Road Agent 603-787-6107 (Garage) 603-728-7350 (cell)

Mark Nickles, Assistant Road Agent

Skip Gadwah

Cody Thompson


Planning & Zoning:

Joanna Bligh, Project Coordinator 603-787-6800 

Police Department:

David Appleby, Chief of Police 603-787-2222

LorieAnn Aldrich, Office Administrator 603-787-2222

Valerie Morse, Administrative Assistant 603-787-2222 

Kaitlyn Barnum, Corporal 603-787-2222

Ty Brown, Officer 603-787-2222

Andrew Elliott, Officer 603-787-2222

Elizabeth Elliott, Detective 603-787-2222


Sherri Sargent, Parks & Recreation Director 603-787-6096

OPEN, Parks & Recreation Assistant

Tax Collector:

Marilyn Vignealt, Tax Collector 603-787-6444

Town Clerk:

Carol Brooks, Town Clerk 603-787-6200

Welfare Office:

Jessica Young 603-787-6514

Maintenance Department:

Jim McKinnon, Head of Maintenance 603-728-7668 

VACANT, Maintenance Technician


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