Town of Haverhill, New Hampshire


Per RSA 227-L:17, the state of New Hampshire requires anyone who wishes to burn clean, ordinary combustibles such as brush and untreated lumber, or kindle a cooking or camp fire, to have written permission from the landowner and a written fire permit from the local forest fire warden or local fire department.

Learn more in the New Hampshire Fire Law Brochure


Burn Permits may be obtained from the following:

Fire Warden:                     Don Hammond


Deputy Fire Wardens:         Richard Morris         

                                       Bradley Kennedy         

                                       Jeffrey Robbins

                                       Gary Gagnon

                                       Shawn Bigelow

                                       Fred White Jr.

                                       Stuart McDanolds

                                       Stephen Robbins

                                       Richard Ekwall

                                       Lawrence Sedgwick

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