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Town of Haverhill Fire Department

At Haverhill’s 2020 Annual Town Meeting the Town voted to create the Town of Haverhill Fire Department and accept both the North Haverhill and Haverhill Corner Fire Departments should the two precincts independently at their Annual Precinct Meetings vote to relinquish their fire departments so they could become part of the Town Fire Department. Subsequently, North Haverhill at their Annual Precinct Meeting in 2020 voted to do just that and so the North Haverhill Fire Department will become the first station to join the Town’s new Fire Department. At the Haverhill Corner Precinct Annual Meeting in 2021 the residents of that precinct voted to become part of the new Town Fire Department. The Town Fire Department serves all but 3 square miles of the Town of Haverhill at this time.


Phillip Blanchard, Haverhill Fire Chief

Haverhill Fire Department Committee Members:

  1. Jon Bouffard, St Johnsbury Fire Chief, Resident of Pike
  2. Brigitte Codling, Town Manager (acting Chair)
  3. Keith Charpentier, Haverhill Corner Fire Station
  4. Jeff Robbins, Woodsville Fire Chief
  5. Phil Blanchard, Haverhill Fire Chief
  6. Doug Dutile, Haverhill Corner Precinct Commission Chair
  7. Dennis Fournier, No. Haverhill Precinct Commission Chair
  8. Bob Long, Mountain Lakes Precinct Commission Chair
  9. Jennifer Boucher, Town of Haverhill Asst. Town Manager
  10. Michael Graham, Haverhill Selectmen

The Town Fire Department Committee meets as needed. 

Mission Statement: The Mission of the Fire Department Committee is to develop a pathway towards building the best fire department the Town of Haverhill could field in all the districts and gain the professional input of all our current fire chiefs, volunteer firefighters, Town officials, and the general public to ensure we are acting in the best interest of the Town, as well as the current fire departments.

Purpose Statement: It is the purpose of the Town of Haverhill Fire Department Committee to examine facts and elicit input from the public, for the purpose of developing a Town Fire Department, including all the structural elements needed to deliver a superiorly efficient, truly effective, and fiscally responsible fire service for the residents of and visitors to the Town of Haverhill. The Committee’s work is to affect positive and progressive change in the delivery of public safety services including: Fire, Rescue, Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue, EMS, Public Health, and Emergency Management within the Town of Haverhill.

The public is welcome to sit in on any Town of Haverhill Fire Department committee meetings as observers.  Members of the committee welcome feedback from the public and will bring that feedback to the rest of the committee for consideration. 

Zoom Login Information can be found on the Town's Website Calendar.

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