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2975 Dartmouth College Highway,  North Haverhill,  NH 03774

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Anonymous Tip Submission Form


  • If you have information pertaining to suspected or known criminal activity within the jurisdiction of Haverhill, New Hampshire (to include Woodsville), and wish to remain anonymous, please complete the form below to the best of your ability to submit a tip.
    1. To submit a tip to the Haverhill, MASSACHUSETTS, Police Department: CLICK HERE
  • By providing contact information, though not required, tips can be better used to investigate and prosecute criminal activity.


  • This form is for tips only:
    1. Under normal circumstances, tips will be reviewed within 72 hours. 
    2. Responses to online submissions cannot be guaranteed.
    3. If you wish to speak with an Officer, or to make a report, please call the Haverhill Police Department at (603) 787-2222.



 Knowingly providing false information is punishable by law

NH RSA 641:3 - Unsworn Falsification


Making a false report of a crime is punishable by law 

NH RSA 641:4 - False Reports to Law Enforcement


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