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Haverhill Disaster Wellbeing Check Program

The Haverhill Disaster Wellbeing Check Program is where senior citizens and persons with special needs may live alone and want to join our program as an extra line of security and protection. During times of a town designated disaster the Police Department will make contact with member by phone, call members emergency contact or an Officer will check in on the member of the program to ensure they are safe and not in need of assistance. An added un-intrusive benefit of the program is the member can simply call the PD from anywhere pre-empting a call in and/or check in if not needed.   

Once an application is completed and submitted to the Police Department, it will be entered in our database, and the PD will confirm your sign up with the program. Once enrolled in the program, a well-being call, call to your emergency contact, or well-being check at your residence will be made during times of designated disaster.

Applications can be picked up at the Haverhill Police Department or downloaded using the link below. Completed applications can be brought in person or mailed the Haverhill Police Department; they can also be emailed to 

Click the link below to download a copy of the application form

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