Town of Haverhill Forms, Ordinances, and Regulations
Adopted Documents

Current Use Application

Use of Gymnasium
Tax Maps
Subdivision Regulations
Excavation Regulations
Current Use Regulations - State of NH

Building Permit Application

Dog Ordinance
Personal Wireless Service Ordinance

Lot Merger Form

Use of Haverhill Town Bridge
Major Street Plan
Wetland & Aquifer Protection Ordinance

Driveway Permit Application

Use of Robert E. Clifford Memorial Building
Emergency Operations Plan
Haverhill Wildfire Hazard Mitigation Plan

Permission to Improve Class VI Road

Use of Town Owned Land Policy
911 Street Numbering Ordinance

Use of Railroad Park
Flood Prone Area Ordinance
Airport Zoning Regulations

Application for General Assistance

Raffle Permit Application
Building Permit Ordinance
Resolution Setting Building Permit Fee

Employment Application

Newbury Recycling Permit Application
Hazard Mitigation Plan
Property Tax Resolution
Fire Safety Resolution

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